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Happy Children

About Us

New Choice Visitations is a supervised visitation center focused on families creating memories together and re-developing lasting bonds through shared action, a comfortable atmosphere, and communities of support.


Supervised visitation is ordered by a family court and/or therapists/counselors where a third party is required to be present during parenting time to ensure children are safe and comfortable. Supervised visitations are a way to support parent-child relationship when families are in transition.


New Choice Visitations provides a unique opportunity for healing and growth. Our supervisors use a family-centered approach to sight-and-sound visitations, and are able to schedule visits for up to eight hours at a time. Your children will see the same supervisor each visit, and supervisors meet with children prior to the first visit (free of charge) to allow them to feel a little safer once visitations begin.


Our space allows parents and children to visit as they would once supervised visitations are no longer needed. Real life is helping with homework, cooking a meal, painting a pumpkin, watching a movie together. New Choice is a place that provides parents an opportunity to teach their children life skills and to spend quality time together in a space that feels like home.


For us, the most important thing is making connections – New Choice Visitations offers supervisors and a space for connections to take root.

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